Free Meme Generator Tool Script For Blogger Or WordPress 2022

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Free Meme Generator Tool Script
Free Meme Generator Tool Script

Do you want to create a tool website in Blogger or WordPress but don’t know where to start from? I have a simple and an easy way using which you can start your Free Tool Website for your users within 10 minutes. In this article, we will learn how to create or build a tool website in Blogger using a Free Meme Generator Tool Script. We will create an Advanced Free Meme Generator Tool in Blogger. A free tool in which we will have many options for formatting the meme text. We will see each of the options available in this free online tool and will implement that in our Blogger website.

What is Free Meme Generator Tool Script?

A Free Meme Generator Tool Script is a HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based online Fully Customizable Free Meme Generator Tool using which you can generate funny memes using the image of your own choice. This Meme Generator Tool is absolutely free and and you can download the meme you have created by using the download button without any watermark.

How To Use Free Meme Generator Tool?

  1. Choose any image of your own choice using the “Choose File” button (for better clarity try to use square size image)
  2. Enter the top text or bottom text
  3. Change the offset positions of top text and bottom as per your requirement
  4. Using the “More options”, you can change the size of the meme, font size of the text, line height, and stoke width of the text
  5. Once completed the editing part, download the meme using “Download” button just below the image preview
Free Meme Generator Tool Demo

How To Create A Free Meme Generator Tool Website In Blogger?

  1. Go to Blogger and sign-up/ sign-in using your Google Account
  2. Create a New Blog > Provide a Title > Click on Next > Provide a unique Address > Click on Save
  3. Go to Theme Section > Click on the drop-down arrow just beside the Customize theme > Select Switch to first-generation classic theme > Click on Switch without a backup > Click on drop-down arrow just beside the the Edit HTML > Change NavBar and turn if to Off using the available options
  4. Finally click on Edit HTML option
  5. Download the Free Meme Generator Tool Script using the below given link
  6. Copy paste the complete script in the HTML editor and save the template

How To Insert Ads Code In The Tool Script?

In the Free Meme Generator Tool Website, you will find two spaces available for the advertisement (top and bottom). You can edit those codes using the HTML editor.

  1. Open the HTML editor
  2. Search the followings- “Place your Ad Code 1” and “Place your Ad Code 2”. Replace these two with your ads code


In this article, we discussed about how to create a free tool website using Blogger. We also created a Free Meme Generator Tool website. The complete source code of the Meme Generator Tool Script is also provided for your reference. You can use the code and edit as per your requirement. Its completely FREE of charge.

We can build a fully functional and responsive tool website in WordPress also by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding. To know more read my article Create A Custom Tool Website In WordPress For Users In 2022.

For any queries or support please comment below!

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